Stock Market collapes has begun , One of the biggest companies in the world GE is trading like junk , GET READY CRYPTO IS ABOUT TO MOVE FAST


"The selloff in GE is not an isolated event. More investment grade credits to follow. The slide and collapse in investment grade debt has begun .


There is a great risk of collapse that is for shore. Debt is high in every house, creditcard are empty for xmas and companies have bought their own stocks back and the list goes on, this can be ugly times a million


Let us think your analog is correct and cryptos goes up when chrises come,then it is likely to think that cryptos will go down when times become better? I think a crypto that is related to the stock market is a speculative asset. If the crypto are being used as a currency it will have minor effect on stocks. But this is hard to know all the time we haven’t had a situation in the hole history of crypto where a global crash have happened like in 2008. But we can see some hints of reaction in Turkey and Venezuela. I will right more when time allows it.


Hey champion
Your 100% correct, all stocks are going down Apple has just taken a massive dive. Brent crude oil has dropped the lowest in its history. The housing markets are dropping in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and some of the USA. The time is near, soon institutions will start noticing ETN more than bitcoin.