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How To Get Your Electroneum Account Verification Done.

Electroneum account verification is a headache to many users holding the coins in their online wallet but I will share from my experience and others I have seen so far that may help you get your verification done up to source of funds which is the last stage of the verification process.

Know that if you intend to keep your ETN in your online wallet on the Electroneum website or app. You don’t have the private keys to your wallet as Electroneum is acting a as a custodial wallet.

But if you intend to have the private keys to your own funds without the headache of going through the verification process if you use the ETN app or website, then there are alternatives for you.

You can use the CLI wallet which uses command prompts but it is a bit technical if you don’t know how use simple command codes.

Or you could use the GUI desktop wallet which you can download from GitHub (although this is not officially from the Electroneum team) but works just fine as it was developed by a community member and it comes with your own private keys.

Now for the verification process on your online wallet.

Ensure you have the required ID documents that is a government provided ID, it differs with jurisdictions.

For Nigerians, the acceptable ID are International passport, Driver’s license or national ID card (plastic).

Voter’s card and NIN slip are not acceptable.

To start the verification process, login your account through the Electroneum website.

Click on settings, click on profile and it will open up the verification page for you.

If you have completed verification, it will show you that your account has been fully verified.

Ensure when filling out the ID verification page, the names on your identity document is what you must write out in the spaces provided for names.

If you have a middle name, fill out your first and middle names in the space provided for first name with a space in-between.

The space for last name should go for your surname.

On space for address, you should fill out an address you can easily verify meaning it should be the same address on your utility bill or bank account statement.

If you intend to use a utility bill, it must be in your name.

Some of us may not open our Electroneum accounts in our home country but will want to use the address of our home country, it does not work that way, use the address of where your Electroneum account is registering as, for instance, you are a Nigerian but live in the UK, you used your international passport for ID but want to use your Nigerian address knowing you didn’t open your account in Nigeria, instead use your UK address and back that up with a utility bill in the UK or bank account statement that can be used to verify that address.

After the ID verification stage is the stage you upload a supporting document, what you should upload is either a bank account statement or utility bill with your name and address on it as it will be used to verify the address you filled out in the ID verification stage.

For Tax number, it is optional to fill out that in some jurisdictions including Nigeria but if you can obtain one, it will just do you good in the long run.

As a Nigerian, you can register for your Tax identification number (TIN) in the State Revenue board of your State of residence, it is free, you only go with your ID and you don’t need to be employed to register for your TIN.

Now the most challenging part of the source of funds, this last part is where documents are demanded that shows that you were able to acquire the ETN in your account.

You usually need a bank account statement or any other investment statements that shows how you get your funds and how you were able to acquire the ETN in your account.

You can provide at least recent 6 months of transaction history, the bank account statement should contain your full name and address that matches what you had earlier provided in the ID verification stage.

Although just providing a bank account statement isn’t enough for those with large holdings of ETN in their account, you will need to attach transaction history of your deposits and withdrawals on exchanges you trade ETN on, receipts of purchase if you have one, like a kind of transaction trail that shows how you acquired those ETN in your account if you are holding large quantity of ETN.

All these documents you should merge all in a single PDF file and upload, be organised with it so it can easily get approved.

Note: if you are going to use your driver’s license or national ID card, ensure you scan the front and back and merge all in single PDF file and upload.

The selfie with your ID should be in JPEG format.

All scans and pictures must be very clear and readable.

Find below the various ways you can store your ETN, like I said if you don’t want the hassle of going through the verification and want to have your own private keys to your funds, use the GUI desktop wallet, offline paper wallet or the CLI wallet (command prompts)

:grey_question:Where can I store ETN?
Online/Mobile Wallet (KYC is required for this wallet):

Command Line (CLI):

Community GUI (unofficial):

Paper Wallet:
Ledger Integration to GUI/CLI: Coming soon… (with Ledger for review)

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