Still Negative ppl out there..(Doesn't make sense !)


I just have to get a few things off my chest…I Find it Amazing that since Richards e-mail about the instant payment going live and the subsequent rise in ETNs price from around $0.005 to around $0.027 and going from 121 to 42 in CMC, We NEVER heard a SINGLE comment From Any of the Fudders that we have all come to see and recognize in this community…!!!:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
NOW that the price has come down slightly to $0.021 only in the last 2 days, I’ve noticed them (Fudders) coming back with some amazing stories and statements…For Example…"ETN is going nowhere and will NEVER reach $1 - $2…Now id like to know Where that individual got his Crystal ball …( I would love to have one of them !!)…How on Earth can you make a statement like that and expect to be taken seriously…I Mean C’MON ppl…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
Another example is…I must have come Across at least 25 “experts” who ALL sold their Large Stacks of ETN at the Magical price of $0.21 back in January…!!! NOT one of them sold at $0.15 or $0.09,I Find it truly AMAZING…Especially that you only hear them talking about it now !!!
Lastly saw a couple of posts going on about the Technical side of ETN… ie… Blockchain/instant payment/wallet/speed…Etc…Saying how we not unique…Not the first…not technical enough…OTHER coins have done it already so ETN is bringing NOTHING New to the crypto space…!!!
99% of people Couldn’t Care Less or aren’t interested about the blockchain and the Technical side but Are increasingly becoming more aware of the crypto world through, i might add due to their introduction to ETN …(mobile miner !!)

Some of the 1% are also starting to take a bit more notice of our Amazing coin because ETN is no longer a speculative coin…We HAVE a working product and being KYC compliant WILL open up so many Doors…(Wait and See !!)

Stop Being Sooooo Negative !!! :grinning::wink::grinning::wink::grinning::wink: Everything is possible in the future !!


I wonder if these people hold as much ETN as they would like ( it doesn’t need to be millions just the amount you’d really like, none of us ever have enough a bit like a crack addict), I would venture to suggest at times it jealousy and a certain sense of fomo that makes these people spew negativity. Those of us who hold and believe no matter our investments are all that count. Jealousy of a coin and a solid and great community must make them choke. Choke away, ETN has more to gain than most in my humble opinion. Watch and wait.


Edit: I would like to add that accumulating is also important at this stage if you believe (but that’s your choice not mine). A whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Best thing to do is ignore it and not even post about it, dont waste your time on these fools, you are only promoting them by talking about it.


I don’t see it as counter productive, I see it as another chance for positivity, that’s what our community is about. Strong and forward moving. Brush off all the fud.


I usually do, But sometimes it Just annoys me to see such drivel for the umpteenth time…Very predictable…:sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Yea guess if you need to vent then do what you got to do ha i fell your pain bro


noobs that they have no idea about crypto and specifically for ETN. dont waste your times for these people.


The fudders from January are probs the ones complaining about not getting a bounty reward, there are a few instant payment coins out there blockstream’s nanopos is a huge one, ETN unique in that they are becoming KYC compliant which other coins are not. KYC gives ETN credibility and security to gain access to a much larger market in regards to gaining contracts


Fudders have this passionate desire to be correct at all times. These are people you dont want to be around in real life


it’s makes PERFECT sense.

I’ve said it a hundred times. If you were VISA/MASTERCARD/XRP/VERGE - geez, this list could be massive… wouldn’t you spend the pittance it would cost to buy some losers to fud ETN anywhere and everywhere?

Yes you would. ETN gets shit because it’s a massive threat, nothing more.


Well, I can count on 0 hands the times I’ve felt like I need to go to some other coins forum/Reddit/telegram and shout about how “x” coins is bad and doesn’t do this and doesn’t do that.

So, why would someone go around and spend their time and effort trying to put folk of a certain coin? Are they scared? They could just purchase some. Is it crypto snobbery? This is what I think it is. People who see themselves as superior to some noob that buys Electroneum. I’ve been called this noob, several times for buying and supporting Electroneum. Thing is, I’ve been in crypto since 2012.

These people will be the same people that are fudding KYC. These people are the type of people that will be sitting in their house with the same wallpaper since 1989. They will be left behind, living in the past in their little box that they have created for themselves. You gotta move with the times. KYC is moving with the times.

I think people hate ETN because they have it stuck in their mind that Electroneum is not in the initial principles of block chain technology. They see centralisation with the transaction system and KYC and they say, this isn’t the crypto way. Whilst this is somewhat true, the beautiful thing about crytpo, as I have said before, there are multiple different coins for multiple different uses. This is why trying to apply the “initial blockchain principles” to every coin is just stupid. Not to mention that you can still be outwith the centralised system.

Now here’s where it’s really entertaining, part of the initial principles of the blockchain is that it would spread wealth around the world and create a fairer world, a free payment system and ledger system, without the central bank control system. In all the time that I’ve been in crypto, I’ve never seen this happen once. Bitcoin is not a payment method is it? It’s a speculative asset if you get what I mean. No one is going around spending their bitcoin everyday. Not to mention that the wealth hasn’t been spread around, it’s horded.

So Electroneum is bringing a payment method, to the people that most need it, and trying to create a fairer world. What good is having the banks and centralisation out the way, if the currency isn’t actually getting into the hands of those people it is supposed to help. That’s why I believe that Electroneum is the ONLY currency that is sticking to initial blockchain principles. Moving with the times, to “embrace” regulation, or to protect their product and business from what is inevitable.

Well, that’s how I see it.