Still having level 2 and 3 issues


Don’t know what more I can do. I corrected my jpeg and still no answer. Any suggestions


Is it in pending status or are you unable to submit?


There doesn’t seem to be any status. Nothing is said after submitting my bank statement


Did you submit through your account?


Yes. Still waiting for a response.


How long has it been since you submitted? I believe mine took a week or two


yes the process can take a few days, England is sleeping now, and remember don’t send .pdf files…


Its going on 2 weeks


There should be a pending status if it has been submitted I believe(can someone else verify?). When you say you corrected your jpeg what do you mean by this?


Have you linked your yoti account with your Electroneum account?


Yes. That’s how I’m sending info for level 2 and 3


Are you submitting through Electroneum account ?


Yes I have always done it that way


It sounds to me like it should be in review than. If possible try to send again. The first time I uploaded the picture didn’t download to the page completely and didn’t send. Once sent your Electroneum account should show pending status for document verification. You must complete level 2 before level 3. Also what country


USA Connecticut. Looking to transfer next year


Have you opened a support ticket yet?
You could ask if they have recieved your documents. Explain that you have sent your documents and haven’t recieved any pending status and ask if you need to send in again.
Thank you for your patience