Staying Stoked... Reflections: A Healthy Perspective


I have now been on this forum for right around a month now. As I sit back and reflect on all ETN has done in the last year, I smile. That smile a lot of us are sharing, knowing the train is moving in the right direction. For some it moves slower than for others and that’s okay because we are all headed in the right direction. I think aspects of November will be explosive with many news updates. I really like where we are at and where we will be!!!

I have really, really enjoyed many of the people on this forum I have met ,and had many conversations with. I can not go a day without getting on at some point to eagerly see what our host of characters are up to. What does @M-Kid have for updates and how are the whales holding up on the walls, what is @Pahini getting ready to say (love your perspective on just about everything). From getting a better idea from the charts to simply chilling with @Saint_Crypto and @Tim and @Kahvia it is refreshing to log in and have something to do and read from you guys!

@Mr.CryptoCZ I always enjoy reading your stuff( a lot) and to so many more of you, THANK YOU. THANK YOU ALL !!!

This community is freaking awesome and so much fun. Much has happened over the last year, and it is truly breathtaking. I wish you all the most fantastic November and can only describe my ETN insanity lol of knowing I get to share this awesomeness with the lot of you all! How cool is that? Very freaking cool!!!

@PHXInvestors @Annastasia @RSKNOR keep those posts coming. All of your posts keep me going, they fuel me wanting more, and make me realize we are all creating this space together. Building it layer upon layer one person at a time! I could not be happier!

For those of you whom I may not have met yet I look forward to meeting you all in the forums when ever that will be!!!

Feel free to reach out anytime!

Now off to bed I go, then I will wake up eagerly awaiting to see where we are all at again tomorrow. Good thing there is sleep or I would be screwed, can only read so many articles in one night lol!!!

P.S. Tell me what your reflections are after being on board for how ever long it has been for you! And GO GO GO…

-Much Love - Thunder


English is my second language, so, yes read a lot on the forum, dont speak too often :slight_smile: But what you said here is how I wish to do, so thanks for speaking on my behalf as well !!


Almost 4600 people here nice :slight_smile:
And thanks you too for everything :slight_smile:


Hey @Thunder…thanks for the mention,
We seem to share the same dream for the common good of this project.
It’s a ripper in my books …Electro (moon) eum just has it all.
The community here within the forum gives me a renewed hope for the future of social media channels.
Everyone participates in their own way as individuals on so many different levels in wide variety of fields and topics.
Theres an Intrinsic beauty of the Electoneum project and it clearly reflects that in the hard work from the team and the dedicaion of its community.
Every day that passes opens a new door…theres just so many to choose from.
Im quite overwhemed by the input and its starting to fly
Keep up the spirit everyone , with projects like this one we will see a renewed interest from new investors and those that lost a little faith in the Cryptosphere…
Wealth and Prosperity in all things Electroneum.


Thanks for this post and could not agree more with you! :slight_smile:


Well said Sir, I have been in since the ICO and can’t begin to express how much I Love this forum. I got into Electroneum on the belief of the Team and most definitely Richard Ells. They are such an inspiration and to see this person with such passion and drive for his project is simply amazing. The reason for all of this and I think Richard feels it too is the fact that we will be helping millions of people and they don’t even quite understand what an impact this currency will have on there everyday lives and make it better.

The only direction now is up and up we will go. I am a long term holder never sold a single ETN. Now I have been thinking about buying some things online because I can LOL.

We will one day be celebrating with each other i do believe that when that time is no one knows, but it may be sooner than we think. Much love from the great state of Michigan. GO BLUE!!!


Well said! In the true spirit of ETN, your next attack counts as an automatic crit!


aww thanks for the sweet words friend! We indeed are a family here and I simply cannot wait to see where to future takes us!

Happy one year etn anniversary everyone!!


Great positive post @Thunder, it’s clear we all feel the same. We are all so far apart in the world, but all so close thanks to ETN. It can only grow and reach more and more people. I wonder in a year from now how many more people we will have met on this great forum and how many more posts like yours we shall see.


Great post Thunder! This is a great place.