Status retrying


Have send 2 transactions with a few minutes. The first one got ‘completed’, but the second transaction got stuck and was given ‘status retrying’. Balance was corrected for both transactions, so no ETN in online wallet anymore.

Do I need to wait a few days or perhaps a few weeks before the 2nd transaction is completed?
What does ‘status retying’ really mean? Automated by the system or else?

The knowledge center states that after a re-try, it will look like a new transaction, but. It’s not very clear.
Do I need to send it again? I wonder, because there is not enough ETN in the wallet to perform a re-try?!

Who can give me some advice?


Hi Bniwde,

I had exactly the same happen to me. You have to wait for the first transaction to completely finish before you can send another one or the second one will get stuck in an infinite retrying loop.

I submitted a support ticket which got my funds returned to my online wallet within a day or so.


This is a bad think if you coundnt pay with ETN app 2x in the short period. before the last 2 updates it was OK…
Just imagine if you can use only your credit card only 1 times and than wait 30 minutes to have status done(completed) like our ETN? and sometimes the transaction wait in status pending much bigger time…(30min wait for 1st confirmation and than about 30 minutes to get 12 confirmation - when the status get changed to COMPLETE) and I dont look (count) that sometimes we have some blocks empty…


Guys. Support suggested to check the balance of the offline wallet. Didn’t have a TXhash or transacion ID, so I was unable to check it on the blockchain. Tried to import the amount back to my online wallet…instantly got all the transfered ETN back on the balance. :sweat_smile::grin:
Life is all about learning :relieved: