Splitted transaction failed with code 8


Hi everyone,

I recently checked my wallet and I saw that an old splitted transaction (Jan 31st), which was “Complete” and ok, suddently was marked as “Failed” with Code 8.
A friend of mine has the issue too. Also a splitted one.

When I open the transaction, all parts are still “Complete” and green. But the container is in Failed status.
When I click on the button to get more information, I’m sent to a page but the error code 8 doesn’t exist.

I’m convinced my coins has well been transfered but I’d like to check with you if you had the issue.

Thank you in advance for your answers.


I had the same,don’t worry it seems to be a glitch. The coins I sent are definitely in my Huobi wallet.

Search and find the category

When I click on my transaction that ‘failed’ for details it shows that there are two transactions which make the total amount and show as successful. Good luck.