Speranza Electroneum

what hope do we have if bitcoin drops to $ 1,000? we need to find a way to get away from Bitcoin and make the project stand-alone. going forward so our investments will be dead

By the time Bitcoin drops to $1000, i believe our Fiat pairings will be strong enough and our use case would support our price

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Do you think that BTC will drop to $1000 and simply stay there? I’m no expert at all although I think it to be very unlikely. Anyway we will grow in SATs over the coming months and so the value of BTC should be largely irrelevant at that point. Fingers crossed!


Yes that scenario wouldn’t be good. The deals we have would really need to be quite something to increase ETN sat value to offset such a low price for BTC. Still in a very immature crypto market. I do think Bakkt offers best counter atm for that scenario but we are still in a down trend. I really hope we don’t see $1000 BTC for a variety of reasons.

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