Speed up wallet scanning?


Someone sent me this link today - maybe your devs can take a look at this


Great find :slight_smile:


Pretty cool…anything to help cryptonote is good! Thanks for sharing!


Can you take a look at this @Egg @Chris_ETN @andrepatta


I bet the team has something even faster coming up…

Thanks for sharing @Mulder


Thanks for the link @Mulder. That repo was moving around the community in early 2018.

Changing core CN code (which has been tried and tested for many years) is not something taken lightly. I believe that code has been available for around a year but hasn’t be utilised by XMR which rings warning bells. But thanks for passing it on, if the team haven’t seen it already I’m sure they would appreciate a look at what Fireice was working on. :+1:


Thanks to all who had a look!!! One of my friends is involved with the ARK project and passed it on to me. He likes ETN too and thought it was worth passing on. I hope one day soon we see ARK writing smart bridges for ETN too. They can do it easily - I know that. The best two crypto projects out there are ETN and ARK. Big things are coming !!!


Exactly this. We’re aware of optimised e-curve cryptographies, but right now we’re focusing on features over potential optimisations to existing code unless they’re easy to qualify + implement. Good spot though thanks very much. Will look at this again in the future.


^^ What he said :slight_smile: