Special Report from Crypto Lark talks about the death of fiat and crypto mass adoption In Africa with mobile phones


I think its time that one of our youtubers reached out to one of the mainstream youtubers like Crypto Lark and have a live discussion with the whole crypto community , i would love to see All about tech or anyone of our ETN youtubers have a discussion with them. I think that would bring ETN great publicity with the mainstream of crypto communities ,

Come on ETN youtubers reach out to crypto lark or crypto zombie etc and lets have a fun time discussing ETN , most of these mainstream youtubers always go on about Africa and the unbanked and how crypto can help but never mention ETN , now is the time !!!


A few points to consider…

If a central government or bank falls, we all lose. The system we live in is far from perfect but it has brought us stability and growth which no other system in history has ever come close to. Central banks give us stability by shifting interest rates when it is needed to stimulate the economy or slow it down because growth is unsustainable and if the fed fails or if a central government falls into absolute chaos, the last thing I will worry about is about my crypto holdings or even connecting to the internet. The new currency in this bizzare doomsday world would probably be weapons, food, energy, etc. That being said and assumed unlikely, cryptocurrencies and digital assets have room to grow as an alternate asset class within our current system. We are still in the early stages in the development of The Digital Economy which will probably flourish best with governance & regulation.

The narrative in the bitcoin/crypto world needs to change because for many years and on recurring loops, some individuals in the bitcoin/crypto community have promoted and sold on the idea that the death of government backed currencies, its manipulation, or inflationary tendencies somehow leads to the eventual rise and dominance of decentralized systems or bitcoin/crypto. I have noticed that the individuals who promote this kind of theory usually are early adopters, hold many coins or they resell the doomsday story without giving much thought to its consequences.


I personally (and truly honestly) don’t believe any single Electroneum YouTuber knows enough about blockchain, crypto and ETN to discuss it effectively enough. I would prefer someone from the ETN team to partake in any sort of debate or discussion with regards to ETN.