Sparks: ETN Information, Price Alerts, Arbitrage for Windows


Updated 02/01/2019

Sparks: Electroneum prices, arbitrage finder, price alerts, trade history and general info.



Direct Download

Note: Download website goes down at night (NZDT)

BETA 2 (Meaning it’s not quite finished.)
You can enter your ETN bag amount, wallet address, and local currency.
Sparks will update every 10s to give you:

  • Btc, ETH, USDT value of 1x ETN (CMC)

  • Value of your bag in SATS/ETHS/USDT, local currency

  • Etn Market-Cap Ranking

  • Etn Total Volume (24hrs)

  • Exchanges prices:
    Shows prices per exchange on one screen. Click exchange to open it’s website

Price Alerts:
Allows you to set price alerts, choose which exchange to monitor, sats/eths/usdt and above/below/equals.
You may set automatic aletrs, with optional sound.
This will create a Windows notification when an alert is found.

A simple trade finder, allows you to set alerts, choose which exchanges to scan, update interval, minimum %.
You may set automatic alerts, with optional sound.
This will create a Windows notification when an arbitrage is found.

ALL TIME, Year, 3 Month, 1 Month, 1 Week and Daily(hour) charts for BTC/ETH/USD vs ETN

  • I am attempting to create a candle-stick chart for 8hr, 1hr, 30m, 15m as well, but cannot find the data -

Trade history:
Allows you to record all ETN transactions and their values manually.
IE: Deposit ETN via Miner, Exchange Purchase, Donation, Transfer In, Vendor Sale
Withdrawal ETN via Exchange Sale, Donation Out, Transfer Out, Purchase of goods
It should keep a running total of how much profit and ETN you have made or lost.
Eventually I want to automate this via the vendors accounting API

Request ETN:
Asks you to input an amount of ETN that you wish to request from someone (donation, purchases etc)
Sparks will then create a QR code using your wallet address and a random TX number. You may then save this image, or copy it to clipboard for easy use.

Social Media & Official Electroneum Web-Sites:
I have attempted to link to the majority of official and fan-made decent ETN sites, including social media accounts such as Telegram and YouTube. Sparks will open these pages within the app.

Other buttons:
I hope to add Andres wallet GUI to the ‘launch gui wallet’ button. .

This is very new, and may be buggy,
It is completely virus free and will not steal anything, delete anything or cause any malicious behaviour.
I am willing to share the majority of the source code (minus my ETN secret keys)

Let me know what you think, and what it needs.

  • Steve


Sounds interesting can’t get either link to load at the moment.


Yup sorry !
My ip isn’t static, so I had to reroute it.
It’s updating now :grin:




Looks great :smiley: Will there be a Mac version in the future?



Probably not, as I don’t know how to use a mac