SpaceX Internet Satillites

SpaceX intends to launch 60 satellites for cheap worldwide broadband internet.

Partnership for top-ups using ETN? This could be an amazing way to enable target market with internet access in areas with limited infrastructure.

(When this comes to fruition I won’t have to drive 30 minutes to post an article, hurrah!)


*I realize the subject of this topic has been discussed in past months, I’m just bringing it back to light because it’s *ing cool, and to share the recent article.


I brought this idea up quite a long time ago here and I think it’d be an an amazing idea, Though initially the first 60 are a bit more of a test of their first round of production satellites. Overall they the total constellation will be around 12,000 satellites in LEO ( Low Earth Orbit ) and have only around 10-15 ms latency. I truly hope Starlink is successful since it’d be the 1st massive constellation able to provide high speed gigabit internet to literally any location in the world.

To add to this and there is some speculation that Starlink may even get into the mobile market with their own phone later down the road. Google is heavily invested into Spacex so I’d see it as very possible Starlink does it’s own phone and then partners with the Google Fi network to sell phones + provide additional wifi to the google fi network. Starlink is projected on the low end once complete to generate around 30 billion dollars a year but that’s conservative, any are looking for them to pull around 40-50 billion. ETN could hugely benefit long term as a payment option.

One key thing is also about them helping countries with poor internet take advantage of Starlink soon as possible and partnering with local ISP’s around the world, thus helping people in the unbanked regions we’re targeting currently get great internet would be such a massive help in those areas in so many ways.

ETN would be such a perfect additional payment method to pay for both services. Over the coming year we’ll learn a whole lot more about Starlink and I cannot wait. I follow all of Elons companies very closely.

We’ve got an exciting future ahead @Nicolas & ty for bringing this subject back up, I’ve admittedly been quite lazy on posting lately. I’ll try to get back positing more frequently, I also created the space thread if you’ve not gone to see that yet though I have neglected that too. Suppose it’s time to resurrect it a bit.


And this is what I call true progress if ETN team would do contract with Starlink or different meaningful company that could brig a rocket gain for we desperately need something like that a real BIG case of use and not new internet sites or new applications or another software made by coder, we have enough of this already I think it’s time for REAL breakthrough :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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As @J5Alive knows i too cannot wait for this. Internet everywhere…

Plus fast too…



Soon enough! Elon mentioned on Twitter about them needing I think it was 6 more launches to provide moderate coverage. It’ll initially be more just for countries who need it & things like the military and other large companies, people like us I assume will need to wait a bit longer before we get to actually use it ourselves. Version 2 satellites will be significantly better than the first 60 going up in a couple days.

Same here and what an awesome ISP it’ll be too, plus what other provider can you get who will use their money to help colonize mars and build star ships!

Also to anyone who’s interested in watching the launch here’s a great site from a guy I follow on Youtube who has all the launches listed.


Have a look at what Google is doing.

Read the history of the project and involvement of Elon musk and others.

Launches starting, It’s quite scary stuff… !! :face_with_monocle:


Just thought I’d post the video to the very successful Starlink launch, enjoy!

Also, it looks like they just launched the Starlink website!


Thanks for this @J5Alive :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Appreciate you keeping us old folk up to date

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In the Netherlands- In the night from Friday to Saturday, a special phenomenon was noticeable in the sky. A line of dozens of lights was visible in the sky that looked like stars. Presumably it concerned satellites from the American space company SpaceX, which were orbited last Friday


Anyone can use this Internet Connection? I am from Asia. Can I try it?

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When Starlink does about 12 more launches yes it’ll be available to anyone in the world in any location. There’s no part of earth it won’t cover, once the satellite constellation is complete it’ll be around 12,000 satellites. They just launched the first 60 a few weeks ago but to go international I’d say around a year give or take a bit before service is there.

They’re aiming to give 1 gbps speeds to everyone with an initial sub 20ms in latency and eventually sub 10 ms. It’s going to be such a huge help to those especially in regions with poor internet speed. Starlink is going to be a game changing ISP. Best of all when people pay a Starlink bill you know you’re funding the colonizing of mars, research and development & rockets. It’s amazing!

Here’s a link to the new official Starlink website too that just went live with the launch of the first 60 sats.


Cant wait for this…
Internet everywhere
Never get lost
Never lose reception…

Amazing tech

Thanks for the update @J5Alive always love your content



Me too! It’s going to be amazing and they’re also catering long term to gamers
with the sub 10 ms. Elon and his kids game a lot so he wanted to make sure
it’s good for that as well.

It’ll be game changing in that regard, it will literally work anywhere on earth he said in
any location at all. Also the sats will only get exponentially better you know how Elon works, always
improving tech non stop.

Also for the unbanked with ETN he announced they’ll be working with local isps around the world say in places like SA right now to get that super high speed net very affordably. So, it’ll also help in regards to ETN providing a robust internet connection in these places helping those using the gig economy site & the M1 as well. Another thing like ETN that will help them connect to the banked world further. Such a net positive for the entire world!

You’re most welcome & much appreciated. :grin:


that’s nice. When will be available for all?

I’d say probably about 1-2 years though it’s supposed to have all 12,000 satellites in place by I think it’s 2026. Coverage and speed will only continue to improve as they keep launching new versions of the satellites too. The first 60 recently launched are just version one, but version two isn’t very far off.

Elon stated around 12 launches for moderate international coverage and the 1st launch has been completed so with about 5-6 more launches slated to be completed by the end of this year.

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