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Hi there,
I’m not a Korean, but I’ve been following their mainstream/media/entertainemnt for at least 6 years now. There is no doubt in my mind that in order for a product to take root in korea, YOU MUST HAVE THE ENDORSMENT of their biggest stars. What their stars like/endorse everyone will also like.
One suggestion that I would give you is to reach out to a person in particular that I believe would help expand ETN in Korea and asia overall. (Let’s not forget that korea is the #1 market purchasing BTC, so having etn exposed over there will be great). If I know about him all the way in the US, then he must definitely be an influencer in Korea, most notably an influencer towards the population that DOESN’T YET KNOW ABOUT CRYPTO CURRENCIES.

His stage name is Seungri. Long story-short, he started as a singer in a band called “BigBang” (arguably one of korea’s biggest entertainers of the last decade), and now owns and runs multiple businesses including DJ and most notably ramen shops around Asia, which inlcudes korea, japan, malaysia and many more countries in the oceana regions of the world (which I believe is your target market). According to reports his stores bring in over $100k in revenue monthly. That’s a lot of sales!!

So the question is, why him? He is the gateway to a legion of millions of fans throughout Asia. He is always in the mainstream media and the biggest camera’s alway seem to find him. One important thing to note is that he is publically fully aware of cryptocurrencies and most notably BTC, but I believe hadn’t thought of the possibility to integrate a crypto payment system into his businesses. Anothrr bonuse is that he speaks english, which can facilitate communication between you and him.
I can easily imagine his ramen shops accepting ETN in Korea, Japan and indonesian countries.


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Hi folks,

Thanks for all your feedback so far!

Just to clarify, we really want to know:

  • the crypto news sites you read every day
  • the crypto news sites you read every week
  • the crypto blogs you read
  • the crypto influencer videos you watch

We really appreciate the help you’ve given us already and would love to know if you have any more thoughts and insights.


Hi ImogenD, I am a Korean.

Sorry, I am not good at english.

There is a active community chat room at Kakao messanger that most famous in Korea.
More then 100 members they talk about ETN everyday.

I would be very pleased if the ETN Forum opens a board to share information in various languages.

I really want to help ETN team.
Some information that I experienced from last year Aug.

  1. Upbit and Bithumb is largest crypto exchange in Korea.
  2. Upbit is very simple and related with Kakao.
  3. Bithumb have offline crypto market.
  4. I used to read Bithumb weekly newsletter.
  5. There is several famous online community
  6. famous Android, iOS app
    • Coin manager, 코인 시세, etc.
  7. The crypto influencer videos seems not to be active. (The cognition of cryptography is not very good these days.
  8. There are three major telecommunications companies.(KT, SK, LGT)
    • If ETN team cooperates with them, It will be able to successfully enter the Korean market.

I am work on Web service company as a manager.
I want to help you.

  • A person who sees the future like ETN team. -


We need to be listed on Bittrex.
If you are listed in Bittrex, you will be linked to Upbit, so there is marketing effect for Koreans.


And do you have some big youtube or twitter or some news channel in your country please say us more. :wink: