South America’s Answer to Economic Crisis? More Crypto!

This article illustrates the rapid adoption of crypto into an economy where fiat currency is clearly failing.


Crypto is the future . Clearly seen here

Nice article


This is an interesting paragraph

Last month, South American exchange Bitex claimed it had overseen an official international export sale of fungicides and pesticides from a supplier in Argentina to a buyer in Paraguay. Per Buenos Aires Post, the deal – worth some USD 7,100 – was conducted in Bitcoin and received customs clearance from both country’s regulators. Its brokers claimed payment was faster and less expensive than conventional payment transfer methods such as SWIFT.

I wonder where this leaves XRP??


Youll find that one interesting too.
Dont forget theres a lot of competition.
It all comes down to price and the smart contract itself.
I wont comment on XRP because IOSToken literally leaves it for dead.

(Biased opinion…I hold IOSToken)


Not heard of IOSToken - i’ll take a look.

I dont understand how blockchain will help in the article you link to, I struggle to see some of the real-world usages but it sounds similar to VeChain

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