Source of funds question

Anyone have any advice about what to do here?

All KYC levels have been approved bar the source of funds doc.

I attached a recent copy of my bank account statement but it was rejected a few days ago as the amount shown in my bank account didn’t match the amount of ETN in my wallet.

I dont keep much in my current account so not sure what to do.

I bought ETN at Kucoin with funds sent there from Binance (USDT).

Would showing my ETN transaction history help in getting the source of funds level validated?

Thanks for your reply. When I bought ETN it was well below half a cent so didn’t cost too much. But what worries me is if KYC is going to take a few more months to complete (already been nearly 2 months) the value in $ of the ETN in the wallet is going to be considerably greater than what’s in currently in my bank account.

I can show the purchase of USDT at Binance and how I funded that and sent it to Kucoin to buy the ETN.

I haven’t had a reply from support for approx 6 weeks so I’ll just keep waiting and hope the resubmitted source of funds doc is ok.

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I guess you also have to show what was the source of the money you bought USDT with.


It’s been a while since I did mine. I’m UK based so I’m pretty certain I sent a copy of my P60 for the year. Not had any problems occur since. Maybe you could try a tax return or whatever if you’re comfortable sharing that sort of thing… Good luck anyway.


Thanks for the responses if I have any success in getting the last stage validated and my wallet unlocked I’ll update the thread. Looking forward to being able to see and use the app since I downloaded it in January.


Yeah… same me… P60 was fine on that time… my friend just now is dealing with that issue too… just sent P60… I will update you guys if he get respond


if you have a permanent job since the first buying of USDT or for a longer period and your salary covers the USDT you bought then a salary slip is OK i.e. you don’t have to prove you had money at exactly the time you bought USDT

Hi I don’t have a job I received some inheritence money when my mother died, that went into the bank so I used a bit of that money to buy several cryptos including ETN back in January.
I moved it into the Electroneum wallet as I don’t like keeping crypto on exchanges.
I wish there was ETN phone support as that would be helpful but I guess with the amount of app downloads that’s not possible.

if you have the inheritance amount on a paper then scan it and send it in as proof

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Hello, I have all my from mining. What ti do…thx ppl

Show them the mining proof…

Over 4 months now still undergoing KYC since Jan. Last support ticket replied to early Feb. Hopefully some day my wallet will be unlocked.

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Follow that link and fill out the form at the bottom.

Have you ever looked at Coinbase reviews on Google? I accidentally ended up on there as my phone was unlocked in my pocket. Anyway; plenty of KYC grumbles on there too. Have a great day.

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I’m having this issue as well, but my bank account has plenty of money in it to cover my etn. My account got locked like this after transferring a couple million etn from paper wallets to my etn mobile wallet. I have been part of this project since day 1, I understand people’s frustration, but ETN is a solid project, even with the current issues I am experiencing, I am still buying more.


Coming up to 5 months now being locked out of my wallet. Tried using the Google form to contact support. No luck. I went back to check support tickets and they were closed but not replied to. So…now what?

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