Sounds like a dumb idea but


Has ETN considered reaching out to music artists (preferably small) that would say accept ETN as tips at a local bar or venue or even via soundcloud, spotify, or youtube?

This would make people curious to what ETN is, download the app, and ETN could reward the artist based on a referral code displayed at the event or something similar. I think the unbanked is a great target, but so is the young teenager (most unbanked as well) who may want to tip their favourite soundcloud rapper some ETN they earned through the mobile miner. lol :rofl: … well you get the point.



Not dumb at all. There is an entire culture around tipping…we see it more now days with things like Twitch but it could equally work in a setting like you have described. How would you envisage that rolling out and growing?


That’s pretty much what Brave browser and BAT does. But it’s an idea that can always be implemented better. Everything that exists already, can always be done better.


Sorry i got blocked from replying last night, but…

I wouldn’t recommend ETN partner with something like twitch, but it would be easy enough if we as users could have an ETN handle (i.e. @thejahcoop). I would have an ETN ad, sticker, sign, etc during/before/ or after the performance/stream/etc that would make finding your user and sending them ETN easier.

The idea of the public address is that the public address= the private key … without revealing the private key because they numbers are not of the same on the eplictal curve…from my basic understanding.

The algorithm should be simple enough that handle= public = private without you being able to figure out private with the values of handle or public. Again no computer programmer but I work with complex biological systems, and could envision the handle acting as almost a ghost equation/value to throw off any potential of using the handle to access the private key. Cancer cells do this to avoid the immune system.