Sorry You Have Been Blocked


So I just got a new Google Pixel 3. I am excited because now I can mine on an Android phone. I synched my account from the website and its all good EXCEPT…I go to mine and it says BLOCKED. Sorry you have been blocked, try again later.

Is this a common issue or am I doing something wrong??

Google pixel 3 blocked from mobile mining, does not breach terms and conditions

Raise a support ticket here:


@BegaMutex can you help or is this the only option

Contact support on

Start a support ticket using the drop down menu and tell them what is wrong.

They should get you up and running as soon as they can.


Only support can help you on this.


first of all sign out and sign in again at once it helped me


I raised a ticket with the same problem, I was told this:

Our miner’s algorithm is set up to a certain limit, and unfortunately, the pixel is too powerful for it to mine at the moment.

Apologises for any inconvenience.


For an app that doesn’t actually mine I find this a bit silly. Do they want adoption or not?


Plus one for the pixel , surely they could just put it at a level where it can mine … simples


If this is the case, i suspect they would prefer to wait until the next version is out (perhaps even cloud?) rather than releasing an update just for one model.


Yeah good point but still , they cap all the others so why not this … just seems daft lol


Exactly, that’s why i assume its something more integral than just that. Perhaps it overlaps or triggers security checks or something similar.

With so many variations and models its not surprising they have some instances of problem phones. i’m sure they will get it sorted, i get the feeling the new way of mining will resolve 99% of the issues we have seen so far.


Yeah it must be a pain the rear , so many variations of the same models etc . So glad I’m not on the tech department lol