Something Stinks in the BTC market today!


Anyone one else watching BTC crash and dump hundreds of dollar only to a short time latter shoot up hundreds of dollar within seconds. The average person may not be aware that it takes 100’s of million of dollars and dang near close to 1 billion dollars to make it dump or pump like that. I smell a whole heard of dirty whales! :wink:


There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today
I don’t know what it is
Something’s wrong with our eyes

We’re seein’ things in a different way
And God knows it ain’t his
It sure ain’t no surprise

Livin’ on the edge
Livin’ on the edge
Livin’ on the edge
Livin’ on the edge

There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today
The light bulb’s gettin dim
There’s meltdown in the sky

The best answer i could find for that question :slight_smile:


How does this even benefit them? maybe I’m ignorant, but if they have enough btc to cause that kind of splash, how will a few hundred dollars difference in price make any real difference? it’s a 6,000$ coin, ffs.


If timed properly it can mean 10’s of million of dollars in profit!


This is very spekulativ so go and make yourself a tin foil hat.


Last year it looks like someone triggered the bull market and when it almost ended they fired again.
Is it possible that someone or a group playing bull to sentiment the BTC dominance? There are several contenders that want to change spot with BTC so BTC must defend it self as a market leader.

Another reason is Bakkt from ice/Nasdaq. The big whales want institutional players to get a higher entrypoint and want to start pushing prices up even if they take high risk by doing that.


There is definitely market manipulation going on again bitcoin is about to break again and all in a sudden it moves up again its very fishy maybe it because of this news?


From the text as i understood it, they will launch entrance to crypto market and have financial tools to navigate the market and sell savings fund and stuff like that, not creating a blockchain?


I’m not sure i don’t think they will create a blockchain but i think like you said they will sell savings funds and such and probably sell bitcoin in those funds meaning that your saving can gain more value over time probably but that also means that they will have to buy a bunch of bitcoin most likely :thinking: i might be wrong but :thinking:


That is the same way i understood it to, and that is great news.


Yeah most definitely and before the end of the year meaning incoming bullrun maybe? :roll_eyes:


Something is happening, are they trying to wreck the shorts to make the bull start running?

On the short side, wath to say?


Yeah most definitely they are trying to wreck the shorts that candle just looks like manipulation of 1 whale or multiple sadly :thinking:


Shorts at all time high ish. I think it can be some more attempts to night and they can crush the robot traders.


They should crush the ETN robot traders :roll_eyes:


Oh this one looks familiar! and I already thought something was stinky! Thanks for pointing this out! :blue_heart: