Someone trying to reset my PIN

Got 3 emails this saying “We have received a PIN reset request for your Electroneum account.”
I haven’t tried to change the pin so that means somebody has been trying to hack my account.
No easy way to find customer services etc so who do I contact in an emergency when someone is trying to hack my account please?

Try raising a support ticket…

Good Luck.

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Yeah contact support asap … @Bee

Contact support as suggested above, but most importantly, change your password on your account AND on your email. Think about adding 2fa to your Email if available as well.

You may want to review your setup from a security point of view… what sites you have visited, what browser addons you use, what software you have on your computer/phone and if you use public WiFi… as you have let someone get to your login and password.


can’t login and when I try to reset password to no email is coming through.

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Follow the other steps and raise a support ticket.


Support asap…

They will assist

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This just explains how crucial it is to make sure your e-mail is safe.

Perhaps even assigning a particular new e-mail address just for your wallet, never ever give that e-mail address out to anybody, and only login via 100% trusted device.

As long as they don’t have access to your e-mail, you are golden.


Did this get taken care of @simpletruths ?

My in-laws had a similar attack on their wireless account last year. It happens fast.

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Yes, I got my email password changed to a better one, no coins stolen!


Nice … glad you got it sorted


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