Some big trade today on kucoin

ETN is up 60% this month and the last couple of days has been pumping really hard - some nice green candles there on Kucoin. just watched almost a million etn in one trade go off. This is nice to see.

absolutely fantastic isnt it.

Loving seeing the sea of green in these times of lockdown… gives us all hope



Possible it was me :hushed::grin::rofl::muscle::rocket:


Now BTC has pushed up as well - it all helps. Lets see if the momentum stays this time with pricing. The number of active reward users just went up to over 250k and has been rising steadily all week but I wonder where the new influx of users is coming from. Is it an existing country or someplace new? I suspect as the economic situation deteriorates we will see more and more people looking at ETN.

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I think could be Nigeria :wink:

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wow the pump is continuing today too - so cool !!! Almost back in top 100 coinmarketcap.


Hope this is begining of the road to the moon :wink:

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