[solved] My Anytask funds haven't been deposited to my electroneum wallet for 6 days now

I received mails letting me know that my funds from anytask would arrive within the hour but for 6 days now, it hasn’t arrived.

I sent mails to the support team and they responded asking for details of the 3 orders I completed.
I provided the details to them and they said it would be sent to the appropriate quarters.

Now no one is responding to any of my questions again.

For days now, nothing.
No credited funds, no reply to my messages. Nothing.

Now I’ve been declining offers cos I don’t like the idea that I’m being ignored and my clients are now the ones suffering from it.

I have left posts on Facebook that haven’t been responded to.

This is not right. I never had this issue before the site was updated.

@TanyaElectroneum can you assist please. Thankyou


Where do I go to in order to make a complaint?
Cos I’ve sent several mails to the support team and nothing has been done to rectify the problem.

I completed the orders I received and the buyer accepted the order. I got a mail immediately notifying me that my funds will arrive in my wallet within the hour.

It has been 6 days now and nothing has arrived.

I’ve gone to Facebook to complain, no response. Sent messages to the support mail and nothing has been done.

3 orders now and I haven’t received the funds in my wallet.

Now the buyer has returned and wants to place additional orders for new jobs but I’ve refused to take the orders. I can’t keep working when my issue hasn’t been resolved.

Is there someone here I can talk to?

IMO continue to fulfill your orders not to lose customers. getting your etn is not related to your customers. the team will sort it out your transfer

I replied on your other post, also tagged a member of the team and replied on telegram. Dino is going to message the team also.

It will be sorted as soon as possible. Thankyou

Hello. Do you have a support ticket number? I will pass it onto the support team for you and find out what the issue is.

Yeah. I do. Thanks.


But it has been 3 orders man.

Even Carlos that was responding before has stopped.

This has been resolved.

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