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I do have a issue, I submitted my bank statment, but for some reason they wont take it. The document meets all requirements-clarity-time-ect-
EXCEPT: it’s a joint account and that’s the only reason I would think I was possibly be rejected?

I’m listed after my husband…would this be a reason? They haven’t clarified this as far as I can tell. I sent back a email,but I haven’t gotten a response yet.

I’m not wanting to move alot of funds yet,
(but by no means am I a minnow if you get my drift.)
At some point, I’m planning on taking out a slice in years to come. I know things are subject to change, I’m just bummed that I was rejected. Anyone else experience this problem?


This is for level 3-sorry I forgot to clarify.


@Rachel could you look into this?


I am already done with level 1 KYC. My problem is I can’t pass level 2. YOTI only accepts a Driving license and passport as proof of identification, which I don’t have. I emailed support and they were able to adjust where YOTI only asks for my address (originally, it asked for my name, address and 1 other detail). However, YOTI is still asking for the same IDs to verify my address. I told support about it. Was told that they will update me, but no updates till now.

I can’t pass level 2
Is there a way to upload my ID and proof of address to the Electroneum website?


What shows on the settings -> your profile page at this moment? Can you make a print screen?


Here’s what I see on my profile


How to solve this issue please? My sister’s account been blocked. Any 1 from the community experienced and solved this. Thanking in advance


Where you able to see my screenshot?


Yes, sorry, I wasn’t around for several days. From what I see, all is fine, so if you experience these issues, only Yoti can help you with the solving. Of course, it would have been better to have a passport or a driver’s license, but if it isn’t the case, then Yoti can help you for sure.


She has to open a ticket on


i already talked to YOTI before I emailed support and posted here. YOTI told me to contact Electroneum because they don’t support my ID as of the moment. Support told me to post here.

What do I do now??


I don’t think that the support told you to post here. :slight_smile:
We can offer just little support, as we are not part of the ETN team, which has access to all accounts.
@Rachel could you help @rdashman with his issue, please? Thanks.


Not in this thread directly, but to ask questions in this forum. I was told multiple times to check the forum to ask my questions. That’s what frustrating. They are support, so they should be able to help me.

Please check the screenshots


Haha :smiley: :smiley: funny story. ETN team partnered only with YOTI and they didnt covered all states and all types of documents.
If you write to Yoti they say you need to contact - ETN support and ETN support dont want to support you direcly via support ticket - they say they want to reply for more people because a lot of people have same problems…
And at the forum they are not often so visible and didnt help you so much and time is knocking…
CATCH 22 in reality…
I suggest to team to find another strong partner who solve this issue or help to people and not redirecting here bcs we can help a little. We have here rules for INDIA, etc but we need find solution for all that have problems…
Not possible to make like old school we need elegant solution…


Or hire the professors to sort these daft problems out… hahahah


Any idea what to do next?


Yoti team is still the responsible. You have nothing to do but to wait until they release new updates. Really can’t tell you much, as I myself didn’t experience these issues at all.


Yeah, you’re right. I’ll just wait for the ETN team then. Thank you for your replies.


They really need to sort this asap , not long left and still we see problems


I agree I just responded to another thread about the Yoti issues, I am one of the people stuck trying to get to level 2 and none of the fixes posted on the community work. So for now I’m just waiting on Richard to give us an update on a solution for those of us stuck on getting to level 2 KYC.