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I guess not even letting the app airdrop is worth at this point, needless to say the referral system.
For $100, one can buy 5000 ETN, which is way more than they will be able to do in more than a year with the app. :slight_smile:
The airdrop is made for the people in the third world, basically, for whom $3 at this price point a month are kind of a big thing.


Yes definitely buy ETN instead of buying phones to mine it with! But mining with the phone you already have is just a bonus and the referral thing is a bonus on top of that :grin:


I wish people would put their referral on the forum, if they had hundreds of referrals or even more.
Or maybe the ETN team can see which wallet address has the most referrals and add them here, of course, with only if the owners are ok with this.


I think the code should be saved always to the one that got you into ETN. Or to a family member or friend. But sure if you got into ETN on your own and want to maximize the profits then you could do that :thinking:


For some people, that would mean a lot, so why not help :+1:


Do you mean that lets say one person has 1000referrals and so has 50x mobile miner profits and if you put his/hers code in your app you get 1% of what he/she makes which would basically be 50% on top of what you solo mine?


Actually, yes, otherwise why would you bother? :slight_smile:
But it is hard to find someone like that.


Yeah. That would make sense. But I do not think the referral system was intented to be used that way :thinking:


No. But if more than one person can make more money by using it, then it is for the best. Especially the ones who base their entire life on this.


Here’s one for ya…is anyone else having problems with the mobile miner apart from it shutting down here and there? My Pixel is running very hot all of a sudden with the miner running and it’s draining the battery like mad. I’ve actually shut it down. It’s a new problem as I’ve been running it since May…anyone else experiencing the same?


Have you checked to see if the app uses more RAM than usual? That is a strange thing to do.


Didn’t think of that. I’ll have a look, it’s not a big thing really, but I do like free ETN. Thanks.


This will only be pinned to the category; not the entire forum.


Ok, I understand, just saying.


For this who don’t do KYC level 2 they will can’t send ETN from their wallet? Just mining and withdraw from exchange to their wallet?

Nevermind, i found the answer.
(1st level - 150 euros/3 months
2nd level - 10000 euros/3 months
3rd level - No limit)


And please how do you view the amount of electroneum you have on your paper wallet


after exporting my details from yoti to electroneum can I choose to delete the yoti app on my phone?



I believe you won’t need it anymore, so yes you can delete it.


Here you go a wall full of text for you to look at and say no thanks web wallet it is … Wee that’s what I did anyway hahahhahaha.