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A okay but it is in a paper wallet. If the time is right to sell I ask my parrents👍🏻


No KYC rules for paper or CLI wallets :+1: :smile:


Personally I keep most of my ETN on a paper wallet. I’d rather be the only one with access to my private keys. :wink:


Me too, I have only like 1k etn on iOS app for beta-testing purposes


Hi guys, how to move on the paper wallet? Which of 3 keys i must select? Private send, private view or public?



  • Public key: This is the key to which coins are transferred when depositing into the wallet. You can give this to your friends or anyone who wants to pay you with ETN. Giving out this key won’t compromise the security of the other keys.
  • Private view key: Anyone with this key can view the amount of coins in the wallet, but not spend it. As the name suggest, you should keep this key private, similar to how you would keep your bank balance private.
  • Private spend key: Anyone with this key can spend all the coins in the wallet. This key should be guarded the most securely. You should not give it out to anyone! When someone gets a hold of this key, they can spend all the coins in your wallet, and there is no way to get them back again. Remember: the one with the private spend key controls the wallet!

Hope this helps…



Hi. Can someone answer to my questions. If i have 5 phones (different mails, different wallet on every phone) all mining ETN and ETN will reach 1$ or 1€ i will have 150 ETN (150$ or 150€) every month/1 phone and this will bypass limit 150€/3 months, and if i will make KYC in one phone, do i need do KYC on the others phones or is enough putting my name on others accounts? Or how i should proceed?

And why after some times miner stop mining on all my phones? Is there a problem after last update?


Hi. You are allowed to use only 1 app/person. The others will be closed or even blocked eventually.


Even if are different phones? This is not good, i invest money in some phones to mine ETN


Yes, many have done that and they were all banned. These phones share the same MAC address so if the system sees this, it translates into a mining farm like behaviour.
This was supposed to be used by people all over the world, not a lot of apps used by the same person.
This is not mass adoption. It is best to buy ETN at this point, as it is still cheap enough.
Even if those phones would have worked, you wouldn’t have made a lot.


I’m really dissapointed of the direction where ETN go. Let say more users have at least 2 phones, not cloned apps, and they can’t use ETN mining because of new rules. Where is writed in rules that is not allowed for 1 users to use more than 1 phone for mining?

If it worked, i just wanted to buy more 10 phones just for ETN

All my phones have different MAC address, so why they are stop mining sometime? Because are on same ip?


Yes, that’s it. Same IP address. And this is not dissapointing, these are the rules since the beginning. They didn’t change anything, only that they did add the latest security patch a few months ago which doesn’t let you mine with multiple phones. From my point of view, this is normal, one person, one app.
Do you have multiple credit cards on the same bank account? Maybe…
Multiple keys that you use at the same time with your only car?
I guess not. This is the case with the ETN app as well. You have to see it as a way of life. You will have all the functionalities you need to buy, transfer and make ETN payments in this app.
The airdrop is not working as it did a few months ago, anyway, meaning 10 ETN/day/app.
So, as I said above, there is no point to just wait for that free ETN. You could buy 5000 ETN with just $100.

That is intended for people in the poor countries, who don’t actually have other income, and those $3 a month, at the current ETN price, are simply GOLD for them.


This is not good. Let say we are 5 members of family and share same internet we can’t use ETN mining on phones? How can this be mass adoption if limit mining only 1ip/1phone?


I don’t know how they do it, but this happens only if the same person uses multiple apps.
You should ask them maybe.


The problem is that on my family when they check in the morning the app is stopped mining, and get message try connect, and is only 1 app/1 phone. Ok. I will ask


Are the phone’s settings changed to accept a permanent functionality for certain apps?
The android version could be an issue as well.


Yes. They work very good until last update of ETN app


Ok then. We will wait for BegaMutex to give us an answer, if he’s got one. If not, I believe it is better to just wait, as the ETN team is having a lot on their mind at the moment. They are trying to do things that were never done before by any of the other projects in the crypto world. Good things are in store for us all!
Patience brother, patience! :slight_smile:


Ok. Thanks, i will wait next month to see how will go and if i will buy more phones or no.

Have a nice day


If you want more ETN and can not afford to buy any. Then the referral system is for you :blush: You get 5% on top of What the person gets that you referred to :v: If you have 5 Persons in your family all with smartphones and you introduce them all to ETN you basicly get 25% more coins than solo mining :blush: + they get a bit more too.