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Today i have too problems…


Did you change from WiFi to data? If that happens, the app has to be restarted.


@BegaMutex can you check this please?


Now its againg working but have about 1 hour period when nothing helped. I try restart of course. Now i mine again but seems that bad connection and only using EDGE make this problem and a lot of error status in the APP…


Mine works like a charm. The internet connection is the culprit probably.


Thanks mate. Managed to get it to work. It was a problem with the transaction ID rather than the wallet address.
Next Q though… now that my ETN is safely tucked away in my wallet, if I want to put it on an exchange again to trade, do I need to be up to level 3 KYC to get it out of the wallet? Or is KYC only necessary for peer to peer transactions/payments?


Glad it worked eventually! KYC is intended for all transactions, of no matter what nature. But at the moment, this is not required until the 12th of November, so you can do as you please until then.
For the future transactions sent from the exchange, you could make the transfer without a transaction ID, so that you won’t have any issues like this one, as it is not required. You can input one only if you want to.


OK good to know. Thank you.
I doubt I’ll be selling before then…but I’ll need to ensure I have it all set up in case the price skyrockets after Nov 12th!
So where does everyone else store their ETN if not in the ETN wallet.
Sorry for all the basic Qs.


Exchanges or paper wallet. At the moment, there are no hardware wallets or GUI desktop wallets that accept ETN.


Ah OK. I’ll have to look up what a paper wallet is (!) in case I can’t get KYC level 3 by Nov 12th.
Really appreciate all the assistance, thank you.


Make sure you are 100% sure about What you are doing when you use paper wallet. You definitely do not want to lose it, let someone else see it or send ETN into a private key. Also when you are printing the wallet, you have to do it on a most secure computer you have since some malware could be watching your screen in the worst case scenario.


And if you are dealing with significant amounts you should also be cautious about using public printers. Since they also have memory inside of them that will have your paper wallet as long as something is not written over it.


@MSystem Could we make this thread sticky, so that people can easily find it whenever they have a problem? That would be awesome!



@Rachel Many many thanks for hearing me!
I checked it after a few replies on other threads, and it seems it goes a step down every time a new post is made.
I believe this will better work if it is pinned to the actual forum, not only the category.



I’m 17 years old. And I want to verify my account to level 2 kyc. But I have no job and no tax id. How can I verify my account. In the terms of etn is no age restriction. Can someone help me.


If I was 17 I would transfer my ETN to paperwallet , CLI wallet or exchange and wait it out till 18.


Are you in the US? If so, tax ID is your social security number. As for a job, not everyone works. They must have some alternative docs that you could provide.


I’m from the netherlands. But I Will transfer it to a paper wallet. Thanks for the response.


yes, you are not legally allowed to own an official etn wallet