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Yes, indeed, this happens all the time. Who knows what exchange will be next.


OK thankyou. This morning I got an email saying that my kyc document for level 3 was rejected because it wasn’t one of the types of documents that they accept. But it was, it was a letter from my employer. I don’t have a amazing job like everyone else, I work for a lady doing odd jobs and I’m self employed. So I has her write a letter for me, it even said the amount I make a week. What can I do?


I think the level 3 verification requires a bank statement.


No. In the email that I received it even said that a letter from employer is acceptable. I know you help a lot of people, can you look into my case for me please


They offer multiple options, so that they can address to different types of people, social or financial statuses.
I can’t remember exactly at the moment, but for level 3, I know I made a print screen with my bank statement. They can use that to see if you have an active income, or if you do transactions basically.
Your bank, name, address and at least one transaction have to be visible.

Try this if you can.


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Ah OK. Sorry for my delayed response. It’s just a very short pop up that says “address is invalid” and then disappears. Will try and capture and post here. Thing is, I know my wallet “works” because I’ve mined a few coins and they’ve been added into there. Frustrating.
Maybe I’ll do the KYC compliance anyway because once I do get them into the wallet, I’ll want to be able to deposit them back onto an exchange when the time comes to sell…


You should try again until it works, the wallet’s functionality should not be problematic in such a manner for this error to appear.


Wow, is there now a place where you can talk about ETN and don’t have to read bunch of comments praising the almighty god m-kid? Not that I have anything against him. I just think it has gotten a bit ridicilous in the other club :sweat_smile:


No man, it isn’t like that. This is a whole different thread. We try to solve all issues related to ETN.
Fight The ETN Dump Club has its use as well.


I think it’s time ETN officials close down Facebook and Telegram groups so here can house everyone and there will be no scammers,


I see. No problem. Got to stick to What we have over there then :blush: Will try to Help people here to my best extent though!


What alternative ID documents that may be uploaded and accepted in yoti app for level 2 verification if I dont have passport or driving license? Thanks in advance.


And no ID card either?


For me a international student ID was fine.


Yes. As I said before, they adapt on the way as well, and keep accepting a lot of different identification documents. Which is kinda cool, and this shows that they listen their clients’ opinion.


Today seems we got hi traffic on the app. Doesn’t work.


The national ID card is accepted. If you don’t have don’t really know


Or Perhaps an update :star_struck:


Yes maybe a new update is coming. Don’t think nothing more than a language update