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Can you look into this?
Are documents written in Chinese accepted? And who will be able to read them within the ETN team?


thank you it has now gone green completed.
thanks for you help :slight_smile:


Ok, I’m glad it worked. :slight_smile:


I applied for my kyc level 3 on 10-8. My question is do I have to log in to my online account to see if it gets approved or do they email you when it’s approved. Because I haven’t received any emails about its status yet. Does it take this long?


Just try logging in and check your account status there. It should update as soon as you are verified.


OK thank you . I will do that.


Yes we accept them but they take more time to be processed.


Ok, so they accept it, only that it takes a bit more time than usual.


@eFiJy Thank you, I have passed KYC level 2, so different languages ​​can also be approved. Next I will challenge level three.


Ironically, I passed level 3 faster than the other two.


Hi all, not sure if this is the right thread for this. I’m a massive crypto amateur swept up in a wave of ETN love so don’t come from a solid knowledge base. I’ve been trying to withdraw my ETN off Kucoin to store in my ETN wallet but keep getting invalid address error messages. Tried a few times, tried logging out and in again, tried typing the address rather than cut and paste but can’t seem to do it. Am I missing something fundamental?


Hi. Where are you copying the wallet address from? You want to do this transaction on your pc/laptop or on your phone?


I’ve copied it from my wallet on the my.electroneum site and from the app on the phone.
Trying to make the withdrawal on my laptop.


Ah…this is the whole KYC thing isn’t it…to put in a decent amount of ETN into my wallet, I would need to be authorised to Level 3 i would imagine?


Actually, it shouldn’t, as you have time until the 12th of November. The problem is elsewhere.
Can you make a print screen?


No. You’ve got it backwards. To put any amount in your wallet, you only need level 1. To spend it or move it out of your wallet, you will need levels 2 or 3 depending on how much and how often you want to move it. This irritates me, but it is what it is. I need level 3 just so I can be sure that I’m able to move however much I want however often I want.


Thank you for the responses. What should I show you a print screen of?
I might just leave my ETN on Kucoin then? Or is there a different wallet I can transfer to?


A print screen with the error message.
There is a paper wallet which can be used as well, but it is a bit more complicated.
Anyway, DO NOT keep your coins on exchanges!


Can I ask why is it bad to leave etn on an exchange? I currently have some on kucoin.


Becouse you account could be attack by hackers