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Hi all
Ive had a send transaction processing now for 48 hours. What do i do about this?


Hi. Can you give us some additional info about the transaction?
Was it from an exchange or from wallet to wallet?
@BegaMutex can help maybe and see what’s wrong with the transaction, after you provide this info.


wallet to wallet, my friend set one up and sent me his address. all seems correct and various other sends have been fine both before and after this one.


Can you also provide the transaction hash?




From my part, there isn’t any issue with the transaction.
You can wait another 24h and then, if nothing changes and BetaMutex can’t solve it either, you should open a support ticket at

If you check the mobile app, you can see that when going into the wallet tab, it says that the transaction system is busy at the moment and certain delays can occur. They are probably doing some modifications, this type of info appeared numerous times.
But don’t worry, the coins are there and will arrive soon.


how amny times need to retrying transaction ?


My personal record is 11 consecutive days. :slight_smile:


okay its not problem for me but somehow we have to improve it


Yes, there’s no question IF, but WHEN.
We have to solve this for the mass adoption to work.


i am sure that team is working on it and will achieve some good points


Great idea for this thread especially after last night in the other forum! Good on you!




KYC question - I live in the US, have no employer or utility bill to send in BUT I do have a auto-insurance statement from an insurance company that is very well known. Will the Electronium team accept a copy of that statement for Tier 2 verification?

I don’t particularly want to withdraw my ETN from the web wallet but if I can’t get KYC verification then I’d have to, right?



KYC level 2 question - Does anyone know that there are documents that stipulate KYC cannot be used in Chinese? (Traditional) Is it normal to confirm ten days? thanks !

Individual Income Tax。There is address, name, salary income, identity number, but Chinese version (Traditional)


Most likely, they will accept it. There are already numerous examples of people not having the exact documents that were required, and they still managed to get KYC verified.

Maybe you can find what you are looking for here: