Solve Your ETN Problems Club!


It’s more like improving a machine while it’s still running. And even if you were to deploy on the testnet there’s a large risk that some issues only will occur during heavy load or main net deployment.


I added the ‘‘Club’’ termination to the topic.

I want us to use it as a place where we can address all issues that you experience yourselves or you see somebody else experience.
The result being the same, we want this thing to work, as we’re on the same boat.


You just hardforked the ETN community lol xD


Actually, I think I improved it.
This is what everyone needed, but they didn’t know how to put it.


You should capitalize the first letter in each word though, brings more attention and also align with our coding convention (the dump topic) :wink:


Maybe no, as they may think this is just a lame try to copy that thread.


I do agree, and still believe that we should reach 1$ mark even with the issues we have but I doubt If we can go any further than that, so my plan is sell after 1$ mark.


But that’s exactly what it is. You just added “Club” to the title.


Yeah, but you see how many threads people open regarding different issues that aren’t solved…like never?
This is the thread for all of them.
All of us.
I don’t want to copy anybody, I just want to help people.
And honestly, that thread isn’t helping anyone.
Just random comments, not even related to cryptos, which you can find on every low graded forum.
After the bull run comes and people buy ETN like crazy, that thread will become obsolete.


Nah, I think it will only generate more hype


I think you worry to much as there is nothing you can possibly do or have influence on, so relax for you will develop some sort of neurosis.


You don’t understand how chilled I am right now.
I tell all these things as a means of expressing myself, but I am not breaking walls or smashing my monitor because of this. :slight_smile:


I’m pleased to see the title of this thread has changed - well done!


I am almost sad if not crying because we have these issues,

I do not know as you said in the binning " I am almost sad if not crying because we have these issues, when I know they shouldn’t be there"


Yes, less FUD-y :grinning:


I wanted to emphasize the feeling I have towards ETN, because I knew what monster will I awake with my comment. And I was right it seems. They can’t expect constructive criticism. Hopefully the ETN team can.


I know that the Electroneum team are aware and are working very hard to continuously improve many things including the concerns highlighted here but it does take time. Please be patient, many good things are coming!


I have to appologize, with my comment, I made the price of BTC drop with $15.
So clear the path, because right now I will increase the price of ETN with those $15.


have you ever wonder how many people is coming daily to browse this forum ?

I do not see that many of them active but what is the total number of daily visitors ?


I just found this.

So 3891 users in total.
I think you can see all the users by day, but the number is not specified :slight_smile: