Solve Your ETN Problems Club!


Guys, i got a problem with app. For first i’ve tried to move my coins from the offline wallet to the app, and it says “pending” from yesterday night.
Second, my mining won’t pay the 10 coins. Why?


Import from offline wallet can take days. It depends when you filled it. Mine is from January… And coins from miner I received when it reached 12etn…


Ah OK, didn’t know it. So is normal. I’ve imported 2 days ago. Thanx Crypto


Maybe it can be faster idk blockchain guys can say to us. In history there was written that can take up to 2 hours. But I know people who wait 48-72 hours… @andrepatta can maybe help us… What is normal and how long it can take…


I have been mining on the electroneum mobile app for a couple of weeks now.I have received a couple of payouts.But now i have like 15+etn in my pending balance and i still dont see my payout in the wallet.Has the minimum payout amount increased or what???


Thanks.Crypto Forever!!!