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For this who don’t do KYC level 2 they will can’t send ETN from their wallet? Just mining and withdraw from exchange to their wallet?

Nevermind, i found the answer.
(1st level - 150 euros/3 months
2nd level - 10000 euros/3 months
3rd level - No limit)

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And please how do you view the amount of electroneum you have on your paper wallet

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after exporting my details from yoti to electroneum can I choose to delete the yoti app on my phone?


I believe you won’t need it anymore, so yes you can delete it.

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Here you go a wall full of text for you to look at and say no thanks web wallet it is … Wee that’s what I did anyway hahahhahaha.

I do have a issue, I submitted my bank statment, but for some reason they wont take it. The document meets all requirements-clarity-time-ect-
EXCEPT: it’s a joint account and that’s the only reason I would think I was possibly be rejected?

I’m listed after my husband…would this be a reason? They haven’t clarified this as far as I can tell. I sent back a email,but I haven’t gotten a response yet.

I’m not wanting to move alot of funds yet,
(but by no means am I a minnow if you get my drift.)
At some point, I’m planning on taking out a slice in years to come. I know things are subject to change, I’m just bummed that I was rejected. Anyone else experience this problem?

This is for level 3-sorry I forgot to clarify.

@Rach could you look into this?

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I am already done with level 1 KYC. My problem is I can’t pass level 2. YOTI only accepts a Driving license and passport as proof of identification, which I don’t have. I emailed support and they were able to adjust where YOTI only asks for my address (originally, it asked for my name, address and 1 other detail). However, YOTI is still asking for the same IDs to verify my address. I told support about it. Was told that they will update me, but no updates till now.

I can’t pass level 2
Is there a way to upload my ID and proof of address to the Electroneum website?

What shows on the settings -> your profile page at this moment? Can you make a print screen?

Here’s what I see on my profile

How to solve this issue please? My sister’s account been blocked. Any 1 from the community experienced and solved this. Thanking in advance

Where you able to see my screenshot?

Yes, sorry, I wasn’t around for several days. From what I see, all is fine, so if you experience these issues, only Yoti can help you with the solving. Of course, it would have been better to have a passport or a driver’s license, but if it isn’t the case, then Yoti can help you for sure.

She has to open a ticket on

i already talked to YOTI before I emailed support and posted here. YOTI told me to contact Electroneum because they don’t support my ID as of the moment. Support told me to post here.

What do I do now??

I don’t think that the support told you to post here. :slight_smile:
We can offer just little support, as we are not part of the ETN team, which has access to all accounts.
@Rach could you help @rdashman with his issue, please? Thanks.

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Not in this thread directly, but to ask questions in this forum. I was told multiple times to check the forum to ask my questions. That’s what frustrating. They are support, so they should be able to help me.

Please check the screenshots

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Haha :smiley: :smiley: funny story. ETN team partnered only with YOTI and they didnt covered all states and all types of documents.
If you write to Yoti they say you need to contact - ETN support and ETN support dont want to support you direcly via support ticket - they say they want to reply for more people because a lot of people have same problems…
And at the forum they are not often so visible and didnt help you so much and time is knocking…
CATCH 22 in reality…
I suggest to team to find another strong partner who solve this issue or help to people and not redirecting here bcs we can help a little. We have here rules for INDIA, etc but we need find solution for all that have problems…
Not possible to make like old school we need elegant solution…

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