Solve Your ETN Problems Club!


We will use this thread to clear all those pesky issues you may experience with the ETN wallet, transactions, KYC verification and many others.

No problem will be left unsolved!

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We Solve Your ETN Problems Club!

Very catchy title. :+1:


Do not be offended for now you have expressed all my thoughts and I really do agree with what you have stated above but unfortunately They are to proud to listen to us for what do we know LOL.


No man. I know what I said. You’re right. But from all the things ETN and Richard have done until now, I understood just one important thing: No matter what mishap may appear, they will solve it.
But, as I constantly keep seeing people having issues with transactions I have second thoughts.

Just remember how they accepted ASICS again because they couldn’t keep the blockchain healthy enough with the help of gpu miners.
I forgot to mention that on that list, because that was a big change.

And now, you switch to ASICS, but you still have issues with transactions, especially after you launched the long-awaited instant payment system? How could this possibly even be?


The issues aren’t really by the transactions themselves, it’s more so that p2pool is exploiting us. GPUminers will fiddle with the difficulty to maximize profit and ASICs will mine empty blocks. I really don’t know any easy solution to this.


That is right I was there with my mining rig, I do remember that we were laughing stock of all cryptos ! They did have fan really and ETN had to buy hash power to push the block chain and so on, I do not really want talk about that.
Yes I know that the core of the system is based on one man alone which is terrifying but they know what they doing so good luck.


Ok so it turns out we are FUDders now…


Apparently eye roll


Thanks for this topic I agree with some point. More you have in my excel with statistics in section negatives or suggestions… But some things need to be changed…


Whatever man, I didn’t want to upset the community, which expects only good news, apparently. Not from the team though…


I tell you this way If ETN is going to stress the system to the limit then it is obvious that it has to be applied the fastest available algorithm, lest say I like EOS solution as they are extremely fast and independent processing system spread allover the world, I wish that ETN had something like this then there would’t be any transfer problem either with ASICs or GPU or 70% of china dominance, I’m sure we would win if we had that.
Now because we have what we have there will be always problem now and then.
And do not get me wrong I do not want to spread FUD but I say what I see, that the king is naked LOL.


The algo change option is farfetched. I just put it out there, as a potential solution. But they have to think of something else.


Unfortunately the EOS solution wasen’t even available once that happened though, but I get your drift.



Nobody can see what the future is going bring , I agree partly on what you say that’s because I know nothing about Blockchain how it’s done or how this mining thing actually works , blows my mind we have gambled on something that you will never ever hold ever.

I agree on the kyc issue it’s everywhere on Twitter that’s all they post about , it’s like it’s done by a bot.

As for good news I agree

Something has to be happening , maybe it’s a problem they can’t fix and they are looking for a solution , maybe it’s government involvement and it’s legal issues.
Or just maybe it’s a rush because of a major partnership making the team jump through hoops to get the deal done by a certain time or were not signing …

Who knows !!!

I believe this coin and it’s community is going to be world record breaking in everything it does. I think Richard has this planned out were all in this for one reason.

And no you are definitely not

A certain Mr.

You all just want the best for us all and showing your concerns about things that are going unanswered.

Interesting topic thanks for sharing



You do good by saying the truth, it’s not you who should be ashamed, always stick to the truth !


An algo change is like playing Jenga with a blind person, it might work but there’s a big risk things will get messy. And at this point it’s probably more about “keep a few things and try migrate to something new” than “let’s implement some fixes”


Your document is read only btw. Were about to add the mempool problem to suggestions.


If they don’t accept this kind of constructive criticism, then they won’t evolve.
Maybe they saw people getting that excited day after day, month after month and they forgot about the important things.

At one point, if it wouldn’t have been me, someone else would have said the same things.

Life is tough! But as compared to the wretched people you see out there everywhere, that have no reason to invent things, but just for the sake of it, they still do, I am truly a fan of this project, just that I don’t want to see these issues exactly before the potential bull run in November.


I’m not an expert but it sounds like patching old socks they never going to be good :grin: