Solution for YOTI address


Update your yoti for latest version . Go to setting->myprofile . Click address and add your address manual . Wait for few mins to yoti to verify, even yoti say its failed to verify your address but your address still there . And then connect electroneum lvl2 kyc with yoti and its done . Goodluck Etn Community


thanks for this mate, i’ll try this,


I am from India I don’t have a passport DL not supported what to do…


Tell here if it’s working . Both my cousin and brother successful even the address not verify . In only one way , add the address by manual


National ID ? Driving License ? What i know is india got National ID or Passport . If you still dont have any of those then just complete tier1 first . The Team will make an update soon


i can’t find the myprofile, and my yoti app is updated,