Solo mining etn club 😎

A place for full node etn lottery miners. :slight_smile:

I’m also solo mining doge. Just for kicks. :slight_smile:

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you’d better crossmine on . the pool mines alt coins but you get paid in etn. with gtx 1080 gpu you’ll make 20+etn/day. I use xmr-stak miner. I made 5800 etn with an iMac and a PC since 16. January

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I have an old laptop…

then the best option to buy etn while the price is low. if you have $50 you can get 11k etn now. that’s like mining for a year with my Mac&PC

This is why I’m solo mining.
Just for fun and to support.

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according to this article it’s better to mine in a pool because ut can last weeks or months to get dogecoin with solo mining.

btw if you don’t change your dogecoin to etn then you don’t support etn in any way

lol, according to this topic solo mining is more fun than pool mining. Of course a pool is better. I’m running an electroneum node and solo mining there, so it supports the electroneum blockchain. If everyone did, it would mean more decentralised. I’m not trying to get coins. But it would be crazy if I got a block. :slight_smile: