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UPDATE - Exchanges have been asked to re-open. App based wallet system re-opened. Update to a revolutionary blockchain in full progress.
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Hi Everyone!

This is notice of the first of our software updates that will help to unlock a fantastic second half to 2019, including improved speed and functionality at exchanges. IMPORTANT - We have asked the exchanges to stop ETN deposits and withdrawals from Friday evening to Monday morning - it is important that you do not try and send ETN to an exchange from Friday, 5th July to Monday, 8th July. Your transfer won’t be recognised while the exchange wallets are down for maintenance. Additionally our mobile wallet app will go into maintenance mode over the weekend, which will include the instant payment system being offline.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for more detailed timings. We will let you know as soon as the major exchanges come back online! Thank you for your patience during this upgrade and thanks for being part of the Electroneum project!

Have a great day!
Richard Ells Founder & CEO,

The following exchanges have now suspended ETN deposits and withdrawals until Monday:

  • BitBNS
  • CoinBene
  • Artis Turba
  • HitBTC
  • KuCoin
  • Liquid
  • SistemKoin
  • Huobi
  • CoinDeal
  • Trade Ogre

Awesome. Love the proactive behind the scenes activity! In it for the long haul!


Great to se the progress come alive.
Keep up the good work.
Please dont promise any time frame in future.
Just suprise us :smiley:


Thank you very much for the update Sabrina, it’s highly appreciated.


That’s it. After Monday -

We’re expecting that liquidity to Increase with exchange listings going forward.

Buckle up. Here we go :wink:


Super news, the hard work you guys put in is second to none. Looking forward to the 2nd half of the year. History is being written everyday :iphone::zap:


Amazing job, team! This is nothing short of amazing.



better to underpromise and overdeliver!!!
peace out


Love this news …

Thankyou @SabrinaAdmin for sharing with us.

:sunglasses::point_up::chipmunk: we all appreciate it …


IMO this falls within the stated “about two weeks” from the time it was mentioned on June 13th in the Coin Chat interview.

It was an obvious best guess estimation on an approximate time line.


near in time, number, degree, etc.; approximately:

It’s about five miles from here.

nearly; almost:

Dinner is about ready.

I’m having a difficult time understanding where all you critics are getting this exact date narrative from.

I watched the interview and I saw nothing and heard nothing that would lead me to believe he was stating exactly two weeks from the time he was mentioning it.

I wish people would quit making crap up all the time, just so they can feel justified in criticizing Richard.

Surely I’m not the only person paying attention to ETN that knows wtf “about” means.


Not derailing anything, just tired of people making crap up as if it’s fact.


:facepunch::facepunch:…Absolutely brilliant news…!!
I don’t want to Derail …But I also call a spade a spade when Necessary…@Dngruss…:wink::wink::smile:


Can’t wait to see the progress it will bring :+1:

Great work team :zap:


I’m failing to understand how people are seeing this very muted announcement as “awesome”, "super news’, “nothing short of amazing”, “absolutely brilliant”…

We have been given no details of what is to come of this. Just some very non-specific alluding to a development in the 2nd half of the year.

We now have a date for when the system will be offline (and fingers crossed all goes well, back online) - that’s it, nothing more at this stage is known…

…but many of you seem semi-orgasmic with sheer unadulterated delight. I don’t get it ?

It’s like watching Meg Ryan in whatever-the- hell that movie is called. Yes Yes YESSSSSsssss !!!


Its just exciting because it means more deals will roll out very soon…


I think that if the community are going to greet this almost nothingness announcement as so epic - then Electroneum will learn that it won’t take much to get us excited and may become even less informative about announcements (if that’s even possible).

Imagine Windows users losing their minds every time a patch Tuesday is rolled out. Thanks Bill - THIS IS SO FREAKING AWESOME !!!

Personally it takes a damn sight more to get me drooling.

I hope the system update goes smoothly and I hope good developments come off it and are soon announced.

But like I say, right now - most of know nothing more than this is a patch of sorts and expect some downtime.


Awesome Sauce…


Don’t Be A Jerk…If You cant see why this is exciting then theres no Friggin hope for you man…Read between the lines…This Update Is ONLY affecting Exchanges and The Mobile App…Think about Why…???


“When harry met sally”

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lol, kinda agree, maybe a little over the top on the enthusiasm. Do look forward what the changes will bring. Now the folks saying this means this and that I do believe is pre-mature.

So what are the new changes? More detail in other words would be appreciated.

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