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Page Rules & Considerations

We want to make our online space as warm, approachable and fun as possible and welcome users to discuss their thoughts, ideas and suggestions and comments on our pages, however; we do not accept or allow profanity, racism or harmful comments or posts on our page and will ensure that any user posting comments to this effect will be reported to the highest level of authority.

We ask that you take a few moments to familiarise yourself with our page rules, considerations and safety before posting.


Is it True? Is the comment you are posting factually or to the best of your knowledge true and backed up. We don’t appreciate or approve #FakeNews.

Is it Helpful? Will it educate or help other users in our space? This includes diplomatic suggestions and feedback to Electroneum.

Is it Inspiring? Will it stimulate or encourage users to like share or comment on your post or our brand. #TeamETN

Is it Necessary? Is your comment or post necessary to the topic being discussed? Could you potentially offend or upset someone by posting your comment? If you have an off-topic question or support query please contact us via other means or on our support channel

Is it Kind? Is your comment kind, considerate and understanding of other users’ feelings? As said above we do not and will not tolerate any extreme negativity written on our posts or page.

Page Rules:

No swearing. Comments, posts or replies containing profanity, abuse or absurd language will be reported and removed, resulting in the user being blocked from the Electroneum channels, as well as potential platform action taken against the user, which could be account suspension or deletion.

No Self-Promotion. Comments, posts or replies containing referral codes, wallet addresses or QR codes are not allowed on our pages and will be removed.

No Racism. We take insults, racism, and threats incredibly seriously and any users posting to this effect will be blocked and reported to the highest level of authority.

Do not Imitate us. Any users that imitate Electroneum will be reported to the highest possible level of authority. #OnlyOneElectroneum.

Do not request ETN. We do not condone users posting on our page, requesting ETN to be sent to them. Such posts will be deleted from our page and account blocked.

Staying Safe:

Beware of fake Electroneum accounts. There is a rise in the number of fake Electroneum accounts requesting ETN from our community members. We will NEVER request anyone to send us ETN. Do not fall victim to this crime. We are doing our best to locate and report these users to the highest level of authority.

Never disclose your ETN pin or password. We will never ask you for your pin or password so please don’t give them away if asked.

Wallet Safety. We wont ask for your wallet address, so don’t let anyone else have it by posting it publically on our pages.

Contacting you. We wont ever instigate contact with you through social media, email or Telegram, so if you receive a communication which you believe is from us, please do not reply. Instead log it on our support channel:

Getting Support. The only way to contact us for support is through The only approved FAQ, Q&A and announcements area is

Nice and concise. I do love this community. I hope though that it does not bring a large amount of people flagging comments for the slightest thing. Debate in a non offensive way can get heated but, as mostly decent folk we learn from discussion. I personally apologised to someone a while ago for offending them. I do hope that the moderation is flexible. Anyway, good to see that the team are making their ownership of this forum known. Respect to you all.


Yes there is a line between fostering good discourse and censoring. Good moderation takes the patience of a saint, and the ability to put your own beliefs aside and do what’s fair. I have moderated chat groups since the days of Winmx and Mirc chat, and it’s not an easy thing, but if you can show people you are unbiased and fair, but still able to remove them when needed, they gain respect and life gets easier, but that is in groups of a few to 10 thousand, nothing like the numbers ETN will have. Moderation is tricky at times.


Hope this forum can keep on growing, because it is a positive place to read and chat, and there is so many good people in here. I hope you will thrive and join in and keep building on the good values you wrote on top…Happy Days


I would vote this up, but I think I only have one left, and I am not sure how you get more? Some kid of hazing ritual I assume?

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Pls what if your address was posted by someone you already shared with, and He pasted it , how can I take it down to avoid being block

Your public wallet address?

I’m pretty sure, and I don’t know why that should be so.

Your public wallet address can be shared safely. Worst thing they can do to you with it is send you ETN. You can literally post it on social media with no issues.

True. It’s perfectly safe to share your public wallet address. However, what I think electroneum’s intent is that you’re requested not to post your public wallet address specifically in the Community Forum, in the spirit of adhering to the following Page Rules:

No Self-Promotion .
Do not request ETN

I don’t think the security issue pertains to the following Page Rule, per se:

Wallet Safety. We wont ask for your wallet address, so don’t let anyone else have it by posting it publically on our pages.

Oh okay then it’s good, I think otherwise

No indication as to why so many threads which invite discussion are needlessly closed within hours of being opened.

Often not the case, I’m afraid !!

Honestly I’m a little sick and jaded seeing relevant threads quickly closed but often mindless drivel remains open indefinitely.

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lol, the irony is too much.

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A little embarrassed to even ask …how do I complete the tutorial mentioned in the badges area? :roll_eyes:


This should help you: Here's how to get your tutorial badges