So where can go to level 2 KYC?


Hi all,

I just downloaded YOTI app and got the app working, but where on my.electroneum is the YOTI interface?? I thought 3 days ago i saw a QR-code but now i can’t find it anymore??

Any tips?


It is under settings/Your Profile



Tx for the quick reply, but i don’t see a YOTI interface (no QR -code). Just the message i have completed level1 and when i click the little ? mark i get the level 2 and 3 details and YOTI.

but no place to interact to get to level 2, see image


Well they are having issues with their site today. Maybe check tomorrow? That was where it was when I did it.


@UncleDen, wouldn’t be the first time :wink: “issues with their site”, reminds me a year ago

I will check later.

Tx for thinking along
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Why don’t you read what its telling you?



They don’t get to decide what I need or don’t need. What if my wallet is totally inactive at the moment, but I decide I want to make it very active in 3 weeks time? I would want to get KYC out of the way beforehand.


@JR-360 Ah I see, but I didn’t realise i don’t have to do anything at the moment as i am not selling.
But it makes me wonder, if I want to sell all my ETN all at once. Am i more active then??
As it is just one transaction or is Electroneum looking at the $ value. Which leads me to ask when can I upgrade to level 2 in my future scenario??

Hope you understand my question

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If I were you I’d make the online wallet active, just transfer in/out more than €160 worth of ETN then I’m sure you will be required to do level 2 and 3. Don’t know this for sure but I think this is how it works.


I have there YOTI and too this message: