So we worry about Price or is it just a matter of time!


The price can only come when the use case is there when these ETN phones are rolled out and used give it a month and every phone will have $3 I don’t know how many they have shipped but that’s a lot to put into new users hands, not the 1% into crypto! It’s going to tip the scales :balance_scale: with mass adoption and in my opinion we need to wait for a few years to see a change in price to allow the ETN to be mined and circulated into these new hands.


Look at Amazon stock from 1999-2005. Sometimes you need to wait more.


Your right we need to understand it’s a revolution and a legacy to our children. X


Bitcoin took a very long time before it was worth anything the market is also different now


IMO the developing world’s miners won’t change the price because they don’t (have money to) buy etn. The price will go up only when there will be much more buyers. I don’t know what will bring much more buyers. Opinions?


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Sell up if you don’t like the development or enjoy the ride! It’s a choice we all make!


Personally I think it’s nice to see the price go up but realistically it’s too early to see ‘proper’ growth.

We’ve seen growth in the price because crypto as a whole went up, and then dumped so we went with it.

I think ETN will decouple with crypto in general eventually because it’s a completely different beast. Sure it shares some technology but it’s on a whole other level when it comes to usability and ecosystem.

So I don’t watch the price I watch what the team is doing and I’m very comfortable with my investment. :smile:


Well said it’s a product and a once in a lifetime thing to watch! :eyes:


What? Who said something about this? O.O


Have a wonderful day!!