So I messaged coinbase


Same as my post the other day …

I messaged coinbase and the reply was

Hmmm , another positive answer. All I stated was the obvious , our user base size our trade volume etc etc etc…

Just trying to help put the feelers out there

Go etn

Have a great Friday


List Your Asset on Coinbase
Coinbase and cryptopay

this marketing strategy is free and brilliant. Good job my friend.


Molto buono, etn farà conoscere il suo potenziale e allora coinbase lo prenderà seriamente in considerazione…


Can you translate into.english please

Many thanks



Very good, etn will make known its potential and then coinbase will take it seriously into consideration


Thankyou for the translation , Google translate didn’t work . I agree. I also think coinbase would make it easier for new to cryptocurrency adopters .