So I got a message from cryptopay


They sent an email stating we can now buy Eth , so I cheekily replied with why don’t you add etn as we have a massive user base and our trade is good and it will get bigger and better etc etc .
His reply was

So I replied thanking him for his reply ( not often we get them ) stating we are going to be huge and adding us would be fantastic…

Doesn’t mean much but chucking out our coins name just widens our advertising.

What do you think

Thanks for reading

Have a great Thursday everyone


Coinbase and cryptopay
So I messaged coinbase

Nice move,
The more the name gets out there the more stronger we get. Little by little


The reply made use of the word “Definitely”


That’s what I noticed… Hmmm unless it is already on the table !!


Awesome @Chris_T let’s hope that they Will consider it and add us sooner or later on there! :grinning: