Snowball project


Here’s an idea, let’s start an ETN snowball, If you can spare 1 ETN. I’ll start it off by sending a small amount of ETN to you, you then add 1 and send it on to the next person and comment so we know it’s done, it’s a bit of a trust excercise but hell we have a great community. Let’s see if we can keep it going until Christmas, one transaction per day (add more than 1 ETN if you’re happy to do so). The last recipient should be paid Christmas day. I thought it might be fun…


Sure, do we just put our address and then a screenshot of us sending it on?


Address will be fine. Without trust what’s the point of community. Just type done when sent on.


sounds fun. When should we start and h ow do we get this rolling. B-)


Put up your address and we will start it, could be slow going at first!


I guess this is a non starter then. Ah well I’ll hodl. Hodl gang, hodl gang etc.


lol I don’t know if we should be putting our address here. might get banned. :frowning: