Smallest unity of Electroneum


What about to call, in the future, the smallest part of ETN Electreos or Electros, as satoshi and litoshi? What think the boss about this idea? And people what think about? Sounds nice for me :blush:


Electrons is the most commonly used. :wink:


the smallest Unit of elecroneum is called Ells.



I feel a donk…


I’m going to suicide


It plays on the old cents, and incorporates the last name of the founder.


Very cool ideas springing from the community


Yes, is a small help we can give to ETN to grow. As someone says “The problem is not what ETN do for us, but what we can do for ETN”


It’s called Ells
'EL’ectroneum ‘L’east’ 'S’um: ELLS



“How much for the hotdog?”
“I want 40 ells”

You see the problem it could create?