Small Updates from ETN team Required

I think the team should make small updates every day just to give ppl the sense that something is being done.
I know that team works hard every day but most ppl don’t realize that and they lose confidence in the project.
Take this forum, for example, I knew that a forum will come eventually but I didn’t know when.
Small updates like :
Today we work hard at the mobile app update
Today we simulated a 20 million users mining at the same time on the mobile app
First 1000 transactions went smoothly with the instant payment system.etc
The team should not make any promise and should not give any specific details if they don’t want to.
Small updates will give ppl confidence.
I hope you agree with me on this one!

nice idea. same thing samsung did to capture smart phone markets.

They release 2-3 new galaxy phones every month just to make people know there is someone.

Providing daily updates might be abit disruptive to the team I think having a schedule would help like maybe weekly or every two weeks you can expect a blog post or something like that so we know when we are getting a standard update.