Slow mining in electronium app help me


one day ago i was mining very well about 10etn every day then i watched a video about clining electronium app and earn more when i cloned the app i saw i am not geting etn then i uninstalled clones but still not able to get etn
now i mine less than 1etn every day
please help me so that i can mine like old days

How can i mine if account is banned

Cloning is against Terms Of Service and should result in having your account removed/banned
Contact support and ask them why you should deserve a second chance



i didnt know that i am a new user


how to contact them
please help me i didnot know that i get banned

You’ll need to create a different account than your electroneum login account


i am a new user i recently created the account
i used to get 10 etn per day but now less than 1


is my ip address is baned or not


please answer me do i lost all my etn


You need to contact support - if you show genuine remorse you might get a result - but regular users here can’t give you the answers you want.

Ignorance of the law is not a defense of the law" - this is commonly heard in, for example a situation where a person is driving at 50 in a 30. I didn’t know I entered a 30 zone…

You agreed to terms of service which you broke.

Most people don’t read ToS because they make reasonable assumption at what would break the ToS and don’t behave in manner which might break such a ToS.

Contact Support, you will need a seperate account. Be patient with them, it’s a very busy time for ETN handling KYC