Singapore and South East Asia ETN users


Dear all Singapore and South East Asia ETN users and supporter please join us here and our telegram group to promote the use and discussion of ETN in our region .



From ASEAN here (Thailand)

Whats the telegram link?



Thanks for share this :slight_smile:


Thank you. Just joined :+1:


Anyone in south east asia countries done their KYC yet ?
DO you people any any issues ?


Done till tier 1. Were you able to finish kyc?

Cannot proceed to tier 3 because I am unable to add address within the Yoti app. Many individuals from different regions are going through similar issue. Yoti customer service response, it did not help much:

Sep 11, 13:50 BST


Sorry to hear you’re struggling to verify your address on your Yoti.

You can add your home address manually by going to “Settings>My Account> Address > Add”.

When you add an address, we verify it with an identity provider. Your address seems to be failing this check. This usually happens when the address isn’t registered in the provider’s database (e.g. the electoral roll).

However even if your address fails these checks it will still be added to your Yoti as an “unverified address” as long as you live in any of the countries listed here. All this means is that unless a business specifically asks for a “verified address” you will still be able to use Yoti normally.

One thing you can do is try Yoti Password Manager for free, this doesn’t require an address and can be very useful.
Click here if you wish to know more about it.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you have any further queries don’t hesitate to get back in touch.

We recommend contacting Electroneum directly for alternative verification methods.

Many thanks,