Since when you started using the mobile mining app?


I’m using it continuously since March 2018 on only 1 Samsung S7 phone. The app is very stable now and I’m very happy with the results.

Until now I earned a bit over 1600 ETN, with only a few referrals. Due to this huge crypto winter (bear market) I do not care how much this worth in fiat, because I know with the next bull run I will be happy with the return (was 0 effort).


I was in the first group of beta testers back in Jan/Feb 2018. I remember seeing less than 20 mobile miners online at a time…so seeing 100k+ now is just awesome.


Thanks for info and in my excel i have counter how much i mine and i have total over 160 referals:

More in section PAYOUTS:


I have started to use it in March 2018 - I have approximately 1700 coins now (coins from HODL Rocket included).


September 2018 was my first real entrance into this world, my first investment and trade of BTC, ETH, LTC. then transfered it all into the king of alts, since I could not buy ETN straight up back then.
So only in my small amount of time so much progress has been made its pretty sick say the least.

Have since mined 277 + some pending 40 ETN coins on my phone. My best choice in my life til date and I am completely addicted!


2nd day of the release of mobile miner in android.


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Since 5 month ago …