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Hi all! I have tried to contact support to no avail. They first redirected me and closed my request , then the second time just ignored me completely.

My question is as follows…how do I use my account with only tier 1? I am fine with the limitations placed on level 1. I passed level 1 and whenever I log in it asked for docs for level 2. I tried but the doc was rejected, but I don’t even need to go to level 2 for reasons that aren’t important. I am perfectly fine with level 1. But when I log in it says upload documents needed. I go to the menu, every option goes to same thing, upload documents. Why can’t I , or can I start with my level 1 that says approved? I really hope that level 2 and 3 aren’t “required” no matter what, because if that’s the case then it’s stupid to even have levels if all are required before u can start. Someone please help.

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if you use a CLI wallet you don’t need KYC

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If the system is forcing you to do Level 2 or higher its because your account has been flagged for one of the reasons highlighted in the FAQs.

Support have directed you there so that you can see the rules and get answers to any other questions you might have.

Start there.


Some people only need to fill out level one and can continue using the app with level one. Others need to do level 2 and sometimes 3 to use the app due to where they live or other security measures. I for example could hve used the app with just level one but decided to do up to level 3 tho I didn’t need it at the time. What documents did you use?