Showing my support for electroneum! Thank you!


I do not have facebook or Twitter or telegram and am very thankful for this brilliant creation. I’m a long term holder that believes in electroneum and what they are set to accomplish. I’m from the states and keep up on the social media outlets but I do not have my own. Often times I want to give my imput of knowledge and understanding even almost creating accounts before but didn’t. This is a very smart idea that will bring us arrows together and let us teach, help, and train our community. I’m very excited to see where we are headed and that’s why we must always remember that no matter the price we must be the arrows and show our support. The price right now is irrelevant and we have the knowledge of what electroneum is going to achieve. The question is do you believe? I do and I will continue to show my support for electroneum, and will now be able to give what contribution I can on this great collection of knowledge and community members. Thank you electroneum this is a well thought out platform!

From the states, an arrow set to soar


I am a long time holder also and i truly believe in ETN and everything they are trying to accomplish its amazing how this forum is bringing all of us together into one place Welcome to the community @PrestoCrypto :sunglasses:


Great post and I feel the same way! :slight_smile: