Show support for Electroneum on the CoinBase phone app


I believe that if a large number of ETN enthusiasts who are also CoinBase users add Electroneum to our Coinbase watchlist they will be more interested to list ETN. Strangely though it is only available to add on the Phone app, not the standard website.

I’m sure the ETN team keeps a tally of the top watched coins on their APP so why not show them our numbers? :slight_smile:

How to do it:

  • Open the CoinBase app on your phone

  • Scroll to the bottom and click See all assets

  • Scroll down and select Electroneum

  • Click Add to watchlist

  • Click Back twice and see ETN stats :wink:

Hope we can get lots of people to do this!! It’s like voting for ETN to be listed on CoinBase :wink:


Wow that’s so smart dude


I just tried to do this and Electroneum is not available to watch. Maybe it’s regional specific.


I done that the instant i saw etn on there , didn’t even think about spreading the word on the community , good thinking @Dirtfisher


I don’t think that there are a lot of Coinbase users, especially because they don’t accept that many countries.
For example, Romania is one of the most ETN-savvy countries in the world, but we can’t use Coinbase, as the country is not accepted.


Currently coinbase has 20 million + users

So yeah etn would be good on that exchange or any exchange really the more exposure the better .


Of course it will be nice to have it on Coinbase. I just said that not that many people could add it to the watchlist right now, as not many countries are accepted. Only 33. Probably the vast majority of the 20 million users are from the US and the UK.


Great idea, anything that shows electroneums popularity and use case is a great thing…but ive looked and can’t locate ir on mine. Im from the uk…


Same here, ETN was on the iPhone Coinbase app a week or 2 ago but gone now.


Because it isn’t in top 50 anymore, it’ll be again soon…


Still on Android …


Initially I did see Electroneum maybe a week or two back on my CoinBase app, but noticed it gone again last week.

Just checked now having read OP and the Electroneum assett is still gone from my watchlist. It will be back soon no doubt.


ETN not on my iPhone Coinbase app :roll_eyes:


Will keep an eye out for it, not on there at the moment


I think it will be on Coinbase list again very soon considering things the ETN team is doing in November :):sunglasses:


Makes sense ill look out for it then add it to my watch list:)


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