Should we be concerned about our privacy?

Found this in Yoti’s terms and conditions, should we be concerned about our privacy?IMG_20180912_092141

I can trust ETN but yoti must earned our trust…
As saying goes, trust is always earned not given.

I think they put this in there because they outsource some work to companies in India that does the verification process. But I think they used Citrix remote login or similiar, so the data never left the UK/EU servers and the companies were under strict contracts.

There was a section on their home that explained the privacy which I found useful. Try this link.

The truth is once you get involved in any digital media, even the internet, you forfeit your privacy to some degree. But its still safe of course

Yoti is a relatively new startup, it takes time to gain trust and credibility giving all my personal info to an entity I know nothing about has got me feeling a little vigilant.Think I’m gonna put my ETN in an exchange wallet until the dust settles

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